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Welcome to andrzejb.net - the online CV and portfolio of Andrzej Borzyskowski. This website serves as an abbreviated online CV, a portfolio of a selection of my research and previous animation and design work including commercial projects, cultural projects and some student works.

Situated in Perth, Western Australia I am a mental health and community services graduate with a strong humanitarian outlook. Being naturally empathic and compassionate towards others, my strengths include clear communication, rapport-building and collaboration which is balanced with my skills in research, documentation and information quality assurance. I believe in an individualised and person-centered approach to mental health care and promoting choices that are meaningful for individuals in their recovery journey. My areas of interest in the mental health and community services field include mental health care, advocacy, mental health awareness and promotion, workplace health and welfare, the combination of mental health and the field of law and justice and the combination of mental health with the field of design.

I have previously worked as a multimedia designer and government officer performing specialist work in electronic media and information management. I have conducted work for various organisations, businesses, individuals and for government in the diverse fields of art and design, history and culture and law and justice.

I have experience in data and information analysis, investigation, research, documentation and presenting information through the use of various information delivery methods. I have experience in maintaining statistical and database records and using various records management and database software applications with a focus on information quality assurance. My multimedia skills and experience include imaging, graphic design, web design, motion graphics, 3D modelling and animation, photography, videography, video and audio digitisation, capture, editing, production and output.

I particularly enjoy using my skills to benefit disciplines and areas that are of interest to me and as a result I have performed voluntary work for various cultural and community groups. As my career progressed I developed an increased humanitarian outlook and as a result I followed up on my interest to study and work in the mental health and community services field.



2018-2019: North Metropolitan TAFE
Diploma of Mental Health

Modules completed for CHC53315 - Diploma of Mental Health:

CHCADV005 - Provide systems advocacy services
CHCAOD001 - Work in an alcohol and other drugs context
CHCCCS003 - Increase the safety of individuals at risk of suicide
CHCCCS017 - Provide loss and grief support
CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people
CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
CHCMHS002 - Establish self-directed recovery relationships
CHCMHS003 - Provide recovery oriented mental health services
CHCMHS004 - Work collaboratively with the care network and other services
CHCMHS005 - Provide services to people with co-existing MH and AOD issues
CHCMHS009 - Provide early intervention, health prevention and promotion programs
CHCMHS010 - Implement recovery oriented approaches to complexity
CHCMHS011 - Assess and promote social, emotional and physical wellbeing
CHCMHS012 - Provide support to develop wellness plans and advanced directives
CHCMHS013 - Implement trauma informed care
CHCPOL003 - Research and apply evidence to practice
CHCPRP003 - Reflect on and improve own professional practice
HLTAID003 - Provide first aid
HLTWHS004 - Manage work health and safety
HLTWHS006 - Manage personal stressors in the work environment
2002-2003: Curtin University of Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Design (with 1st Class Honours)
2001: Curtin University of Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design (with Distinction)
1998-2000: Central TAFE - Western Australian School of Art, Design & Media
Certificate IV / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design & Multimedia
1993-1997: Prendiville Catholic College
Secondary School Graduate (with Distinction in Art) (with Distinction in Art & Design)


First Aid Provider
St John WA - Issued Oct 2018
Youth Mental Health First Aid Provider
Mental Health First Aid Australia - Issued Jun 2019
Working with Children Check
Department of Communities - Issued Nov 2019
National Police Certificate
Western Australia Police - Issued Nov 2020

Short Courses & Workplace Training

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD)
Building the therapeutic relationship
Classification of mental disorders
Mental health and mental illness across the lifespan
Professional ethics
Recovery based practice
Strategies for working with people at risk of suicide
Trauma and mental health
Working with people who self-harm
Working with people with forensic histories or at risk of offending
Department of Communities
WorkPro: Office Worker Safety
WorkPro: Work, Health and Safety (WHS) & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
Royal Perth Hospital
Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA): Student Health Practitioners Online Learning Module
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC): Infection Control Orientation - Minimal Patient Contact
Western Australia Police
Public Sector Ethics
Equal Opportunity & Bullying Awareness
Information Systems Security
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS):
- Police Staff Safety Awareness
- Fatigue Management
- Infection Control
- Manual Handling
- Fire Extinguisher Awareness
- Fire Warden Emergency Procedures
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia
Recordkeeping Awareness

Awards & Nominations

2011: Terry Campbell Award for Service Excellence
State Library of Western Australia

Received the State Library of Western Australia 'Terry Campbell Award for Service Excellence' for work carried out in the Oral History Records Rescue Group (OHRRG) Audio Technician Team. This award is presented to a staff member who displays outstanding courtesy in any area of the State Library's services. Nominations are received from staff members or members of the public.
2006: Tehran International Animation Festival Invitee
Invited to participate at the 5th Biennial Tehran International Animation Festival (TIAF) held in Tehran, Iran with the 3D animated cultural film 'Lech, Czech & Rus'.
2002: WA Screen Awards Best Animation & New Media Finalist
15th Film & Television Institute (FTI) WA Screen Awards

3D animated 'Showreel' nominated for Best Animation & New Media at the 15th Film & Television Institute (FTI) WA Screen Awards (1 of 3 finalists). 'Showreel' consisted of two 3D animated films including the cultural film 'Smok Wawelski - The Legend of the Wawel Dragon'.
2002: Golden Key International Honour Society
Inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society due to high academic achievement.
1997: The Art 'Jim Wilkinson' Prize
Prendiville Catholic College
1997: The Art & Design Prize
Prendiville Catholic College


Listed below are various research projects, articles and reports that I have carried out - both academic and personal. These are discussed in greater detail in the Research section of this site.

Design Research
2002-2003: Honours Project: An Approach to Independent 3D Animation Production
100,000 word dissertation completed as part of Bachelor of Arts in Design, which received 1st Class Honours. The project included a presentable prototype of a 3D animated cultural film 'Lech, Czech & Rus'. (Please see the Animation section of this website for images of the film).
Historical & Cultural Research
The Slavic Ethnogenesis: Identifying the Slavic Stock and Origins of the Slavs
This was a rough information resource I created for myself when I was active on Slavic culture forums and working on my 3D animated cultural films. It contains information from a wide variety of sources and details the origins of the Slavs and the great Slavic mass-migrations. The page was first placed online at the beginning of 2003.
BORZYSKOWSKI.com - Origins of the Borzyskowski / Borzyszkowski Name
Web page about the origins and history of my family name 'Borzyskowski'. The information contained in the page was originally compiled in 2007 and placed online in 2008.


2021-2023: Human Rights, Bodily Autonomy & Mental Health Advocate
Independent Advocate

During my mental health and community services education, training and practice I learned that self-determination, freedom of choice and informed consent without coercion are among the core values of the client/patient advocacy field. I am an adherent of the recovery model to mental health care which is a person-centred and collaborative approach which empowers the person to make their own choices. Instead of a person being solely directed by an 'expert', the recovery model promotes that the person themselves are the expert of their own lives and should be at the centre of the decision-making process and this includes the right to consent to or refuse certain types of treatments and services. I also believe that treatment should be tailored to an individual's particular needs rather than imposing a 'one size fits all' approach.

During this time my colleagues and I have upheld and reaffirmed the principles that we learned during our education, training and practice and have acted as human rights, bodily autonomy and mental health advocates involving ourselves in various activities, primarily on a voluntary basis. Such activities have included: advocating for and providing support to individuals in need and connecting them with additional support services; organisational administration, recruitment and promotion; and assisting in organising events related to human rights, bodily autonomy and mental health awareness, including charity and community outreach events. During this time I have also utilised my multimedia design skills in order to design promotional material and provide videography services.

Government & Community Services

2020: Welfare Support Officer
Department of Communities

As a Welfare Support Officer attached to the Department of Communities' State Welfare Incident Coordination Centre (SWICC) I was working on the frontline as part of the state's COVID-19 response plan. Working at Perth Airport in either the domestic or international terminals the role required me to identify the welfare needs of passengers entering the state who would be undergoing hotel quarantine, providing relevant welfare services information to those passengers and providing information about the welfare needs of those passengers to the relevant stakeholders. Administrative duties included the collection of flight and passenger details and the authoring of e-mail reports which would be sent to relevant stakeholders. These e-mail reports would ultimately be received by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.
2019: Supervised Field Placement: Welfare Officer
Royal Perth Hospital

As part of the supervised field placement unit for the Diploma of Mental Health I carried out work placement at Royal Perth Hospital primarily in the psychiatric ward. My role was to assist in performing psychosocial assessments on patients in order to determine their confidence in being discharged from hospital and to ensure they have sufficient supports at home and in the community.
2018: Supervised Field Placement: Community Services Worker

As part of the supervised field placement unit for the Diploma of Mental Health I carried out work placement at Midlas (Midland Information Debt and Legal Advocacy Service Inc). Midlas is a community service agency that performs a broad range of community service work including financial counselling, tenancy advocacy, disability advocacy, family and domestic violence legal support and emergency relief. Upon the conclusion of the work placement I carried out volunteer work for the agency. Work included information management, research, design and client advocacy.
2008-2015: Officer / Technician
The Government of Western Australia

Working as a government officer performing specialist work in electronic media and information management for agencies of the Government of Western Australia. Work included video and audio digitisation and editing, data and information analysis, investigation, the maintenance of statistical and database records, various records management tasks and the review and recording of departmental technical procedures. Roles and agencies include:

Electronic Media Support Officer / Records Officer / Exhibits Officer
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia

Audio Technician
State Library of Western Australia

Information Capture Officer
Western Australia Police

Culture & Heritage

2000-2006: Served the Western Australian Polish community during this period by carrying out graphic design, website design and maintenance for the Polish club and community centre Cracovia Club Inc.
2006: Received interest from the cultural organisation Canadian Slav Committee about co-operating on Slavic cultural issues. I became an honorary member of the organisation. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Canadian Slav Committee is closely affiliated with other Slavic cultural organisations within Europe and was represented at the 9th All-Slavonic Congress held in Minsk, Belarus in July 2005.
2005: Received interest from the cultural organisation Mt Kosciuszko Inc., about the possibility of continuing my series of animated films. I had the opportunity to carry out a lecture discussing my cultural work and a presentation of my films.
2000: Carried out website design, graphic design, videography and music and video editing for the cultural dance ensemble Young Mazowsze Polish Folklore Theatre. Young Mazowsze was established in 1970 in Western Australia by its artistic director Longin Szymanski and named in honour of Poland's famous professional dance ensemble 'Mazowsze' for whom Longin Szymanski danced professionally for 10 years.

Freelance Multimedia Design

Listed below in chronological order is an abbreviated employment history related to multimedia design, a selection of projects that I have worked on and various personal and work-related pursuits and activities. Some of the creative projects mentioned are displayed and discussed in greater detail in the relevant sections of this website.


2004-2023: Contributor and moderator of Discogs, an online international music discography database. The work involves adding, updating and editing online information regarding all aspects of audio recordings and moderating users' submissions into the user-built database in strict accordance with the website's guidelines.
2015-2018: Worked on various freelance multimedia design and creative projects. Project work included website concept, design and development, graphic design and audio production.
2009-2011: Worked on various freelance multimedia design and creative projects. Project work included graphic design, video editing, film production and DVD authoring.

One such creative project included participating in an international collaborative music project which culminated in a release of a limited edition double-CD music compilation titled Mind Rewind. Each member of the project was assigned a certain task and I contributed with graphic design, layout and print preparation. Released in September 2011 and sold online, the double-CD was quickly sold out with all profits donated to the UK registered children's charity Children Walking Tall (now called Mango Tree Goa).
2003-2010: Co-founded collaborative music project PsyOP and created music with talented music artist Oliver Blazevic for several years releasing music on his label Psydonia Records. The creative work involved the composing and studio production of music, releasing commercial releases that are sold through various online music stores. I am a registered member of APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) and AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society). (See the Design section of this website for more details).
2004-2008: Worked on several freelance website design and maintenance projects for various organisations, businesses and individuals, including: Ravensthorpe Regional Chamber of Commerce Inc.; Sizer Builders & Sizer Developments; and a collaborative website design project 'Transgressions of Domestic Space at Wedge', which presented a university academic's research work and complemented their exhibition displays concerning Wedge Island, Western Australia. (See the Design section of this website for more details).
2005: Worked collaboratively with well-known Western Australian artist Ben Joel. The work included creating digital versions of his artworks - in the form of two 3D animated films and a number of prints. These were displayed at the John Curtin Gallery as part of Ben Joel's exhibition 'Instrumental', on display 16th September - 9th December 2005. (See the Animation section of this website for more details).
2005: Tutoring job teaching design software skills to individuals, primarily Adobe Photoshop.
2002-2003: Completed a 100,000 word dissertation entitled 'An Approach to Independent 3D Animation Production' as part of Bachelor of Arts in Design, which received 1st Class Honours. The project included a presentable prototype of a 3D animated cultural film 'Lech, Czech & Rus'.

The aim of the Honours project was to investigate the feasibility of creating a 3D animated series as an independent animator. This was carried out through researching independent animation production and undertaking the animation process involved in the production of a presentable prototype of a pilot episode for an animated series, following the independent film-making production model. (See both the Research section and Animation section of this website for more details).
2001: Completed the 3D animated cultural film 'Smok Wawelski - The Legend of the Wawel Dragon' for the 3rd year university Multimedia Major project. This was included as part of the 'Showreel' nominated at the 15th Film & Television Institute (FTI) WA Screen Awards in 2002. (See the Animation section of this website for more details).
2000: Performed video capture and video editing for multimedia company Q-Multimedium for English 'Super League Rugby' interactive CD-ROM project.
2000: Completed CD album and booklet design for local Perth musician Keith McDonald.
1996-1997: Credited work for Gripping Films & Graphics as a trainee animator performing 2D computer animation on 'Bobtales' - a television series on Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. First screened in Australia on SBS Television in 1998, it has been screened internationally in countries such as Taiwan and Norway. (See the Animation section of this website for more details).